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Weed Suggestions — Strains to Speed You Through Your Work Week

Work is stressful, and the work day just seems to get longer and longer. Makes you glad you live in Washington, doesn’t it? Here in the Seattle-metro area, we have the magical powers of recreational marijuana to get us through even the most noxious  work week. Put down the Canadian Club, Don Draper. Let’s do this the Belmar way! The friendly budtenders at Bellevue’s finest pot shop have suggestions for enhancing your creativity while alleviating the stress that undermines your people skills. Here’s our favorite marijuana products for a relaxed yet motivated work week:

For Daytime:

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to work in a stoner-friendly environment. Thank god we have CBD to get us through the day.

Top picks: (None of this is recommended for professions where it’s actually illegal to be high.)

Ballard Beat CBD Tincture from Craft Elixirs 

This tasty blueberry and citrus-infused tincture deliver a relaxing dose of CBD that’ll keep you from attacking the office copy machine. Warning: These tinctures contain some THC, so a light dose is advisable.

CBD Caps from Northwest Cannabis Solutions

It’s as easy as popping a pill, but so much more healthful. These CBD capsules deliver 10 mg of CBD that’ll keep you at a mellow yet productive keel as you navigate the day’s challenges.

For Evening:

If you have to bring the office home with you, but still want to relax, we have a variety of low-impact strains that will keep you energized and on-point. You’ll still be confident in your ability to work, but you won’t have that cracked-out feeling you get from pulling a far-too-long day.

Top picks:


A cross between Chocolate Thai and Canalope Haze, this sativa mitigates stress while delivering an energetic, creative, and clear-headed high. We love the sweet coffee flavor.

Jack Herrer

Descended from a Haze hybrid mixed with Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk, this sativa-dominant strain is famous for its blissful yet clear-headed high. Bonus points for the spicy pine flavor.

For Serious Evening Relaxing:

If you actually got all your work done and just want to unwind, reward yourself with a stoney indica! We generally prefer something that’s not too intense–on a work night it’s usually better to mellow out than to trip out.

Top picks:

Grape Ape: 

This violet-tinted strain smells like grape-flavored bubble gum and delivers a soothing and carefree buzz. Bonus points for looking pretty!

Cherries Jubilee:

A tart nose gives way to a cherry-flavored exhale just as an initial euphoria blends into pleasant sleepiness. And the day’s anxiety just melts away…


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