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When summer rolls around, the swelter of hot temperatures can result in feeling left exhausted, agitated and parched. We reach for our nearest water bottles trying to revive our hydration levels. Although we may throw back a couple of bottles of aqua, it’s always pleasant to reach for a drink that gives you a little more oomph and with its taste. For all you Mary Jane lovers you can opt in to add a little green to your beverage. Why not try an infused-Marijuana drink?

The benefits of drinking marijuana

Drinking raw flower has its advantages. Leaf juice from hemp plants can help reduce heart attacks, prevent cancer, and help people with diabetes who are dependent on insulin. Particularly this helps patients who have conditions like Seizure disorders, high blood pressure cardiac meds, anti-psychotics and woman on birth control. These conditions result in needing a higher consumption of Cannabinoids for it to benefit with the dietary amount to affect their Cannabinoid serum levels. So why not profit in taking in a multitude of healthy cannabinoids in your drink? If you want to skip the healthy and jump straight to a nice euphoric high, then there are a plethora of THC options out there available. There’s nothing like a delicious drink infused with THC that will help you relax and unwind from the hot rays of the summer sunshine.

How it works

When consuming a cold Mary Jane beverage, it allows our bodies to take a higher amount of CBD and THC.  Drinking the amount of THC from smoking flower would cause you to have elevated levels of intoxication. You would have to heat a drink for the levels of THC to activate. Heating it activates the decarboxylate THC-acid. By consuming it cold and in the raw form, you can consume higher milligrams of THC. If drinking CBD, you’re able to pull a higher content than smoking it in flower form.

What infused green beverage should I try?

When searching for options, there are a variety of choices readily available. I suggest shooting towards a Cannabis Quencher. Try one of their tasty, mouth watering; Old fashioned THC Lemonades. If you’re feeling a little more tropical, then indulge yourself in a CBD Mango. These are my top two favorite flavors. You can find this at your preferred Bellevue recreational Marijuana store, Belmar. What delicious green infused drink will you try?

Author: Kayla Michelle


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