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420 Sale Guide

40% OFF

Fire Bros, TJ’s Organics, Aurum Farms, Artizen, Avitas Flower, Bellevue Cannabis, Coastal Cannabis, GaGa, Platinum Gardens, Rocket Cannabis, Solstice, Quality Brand Cannabis & (3.5g, Concentrates & Pre-Rolls)

30% OFF

Royal Tree Gardens, Gold Leaf Gardens, Freddy’s Fuego, Skord, Treehawk Farms, Wa Bud Co. Funky Monkey, & Evergreen Herbal

20% OFF

High Tide, Oleum, Gabriel Cannabis, Exotikz, Fairwinds, Fireline, Green Revolution, House of Cultivar, Nebula Gardens, & Emerald City Cultivation

10% OFF

Optimum Extracts, Phat Panda, Happy Apple, Utopia, Velvet Swing, Vertus, Pearl2o, Legends (Ounces), Private Reserve (Ounces), & Lifted Cannabis,



$15 Crystal Clear Cartridgs

Two 100mg Pebbles for $20

10mg Magic Kitchen for $2

(excluding CBD, Hi-Burst, & Marmas)

Honu Pre-Roll 2-Pack for $3

100mg Pebbles for $15

1g NW Concentrate Freddy’s Kush & Scotts OG for $29

100mg Mari’s Mints for $10

Refine 1g Headband, Gorilla Glue #4, & Sour Diesel for $39

Three Legends Eighths for $45 ($15 each)

1g Honu Dabs for $15

Refine .5g Carts for $30

Select Magic Kitchen

$15 Chewees (All), Koko Gemz (Cookies & Cream), & Cookies (White Chocolate Macadamia Nut)

Lotionz Potionz 100mg THC for $10



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