National Tech Day – BelMar’s Top Canna-Tech Picks

Did you know National Technology Day is Friday, January 6th? Some of us have lost interest in all the national celebration days that have cropped up recently, but National Tech Day is not one of them.

Seriously, have you seen some of the things that have been produced by today’s top technology? Advances are being made daily in cyber technology, drones, biotech, SaaS, the IoT and, are you ready for this —shocker — tech that supports the growth of the marijuana industry. Enjoy National Tech Day – BelMar’s top Canna-Tech Picks.Top Canna-Tech Picks

You’ve probably heard it said recently that marijuana was the only one who won the 2016 election. Ha! But there is much truth to that and we couldn’t be more pleased. Does it surprise you to learn the US marijuana industry made $7.9 billion in 2016 and that number is projected to increase significantly by 2020? In fact, it’s predicted it will nearly triple to $21 billion by 2020. Naturally, there is so much happening with marijuana and technology. The booming industry is currently growing at warp speed as cannabis lovers and profit lovers alike race to produce first-of-its-kind tech that supports the marijuana industry in any way they can.

What’s big? Well besides BelMar Marijuana, the best pot shop in Bellevue, we’re seeing some marijuana industry trends dominate right now. One realm the race is on in is in real time cannabis testing. Specifically, marijuana’s not quite as cut and dry to measure in the bloodstream as alcohol is with our standard BAC limit of .08 percent that cooperates by giving us a clear indicator of if a driver is intoxicated at present. Whereas with pot, the ingestion may have happened several weeks ago when detected, hence, therein lays part of the problem. Now dozens of companies are competing to not only develop the accurate technology for gauging intoxication levels, but also, to set the standard limit allowable by law.

On the lighter side, our National Tech Day — BelMar’s Top Canna-Tech Picks also includes our own automated menu tool, Simple Marijuana Menu. This Bellevue weed shop also wants to single out CannaCloud “the Keurig for Cannabis,” a first of its kind in cloud-based vaporizing system that uses lab-tested pre-ground strains in its pods that are loaded in the machine.

We are addicted to the news of the latest and greatest cannabis technology being introduced to the world and we eagerly await tech that supports new and exciting ways to get our cannabis fix. You can do the same by dropping in BelMar Recreational Weed at our Bellevue location today.


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