Here at Belmar Bellevue, we consider ourselves connoisseurs of gummy candy. Which makes sense. Weed and gummy candy have gone together since…well, presumably since gummy candy was invented. When was that, you ask? Actually that date is hazy–various gummy sweets have existed for centuries, from Turkish Delight to Japanese rice candies. But gummy candy really took off in 1922, when German confectioner Hans Riegel invented the gummy bear. The fruit-flavored candies were modeled on the dancing bears that were popular at German festivals, and the gummies were an instant hit. By 1930, Riegel’s candy company, Haribo, had a factory with 160 workers churning out ten tons of bears a day.

But of course the more important question is, who was the first cannabis enthusiast to sate his or her munchies with that perfect stoner delight: the gummy candy? Probably some lucky European. Before gummy candy conquered the U.S. market, it was hugely popular in Europe. And naturally Mary Jane had her fans as well. In Germany, for example, cannabis had been part of the pharmacopoeia since at least the 12th Century. We’re pretty sure they figured out the recreational part as well. So we can imagine that the Eureka moment came when some German college student was happily chewing on a gummy bear and realized that gummy candy is the perfect stoner food.

Although Haribo continued to set the gold standard for gummy bears, imitators sprang up around the world. Over the decades, gummy candy diversified into countless gummy confections, running the gamut from sharks to miniature pizzas. And stoners happily chewed them all, little realizing that gummy coke bottles, however delicious,were not the actual pinnacle of the craft. That would come later, with the legalization of recreational marijuana and the arrival of the holy grail of gummy candy–THC-infused gummies. Which brings us, finally, to our point. Here at your favorite Bellevue pot shop, we dutifully test every edible product we put on the shelf. Which is why we’re particularly excited to announce the arrival of Magic Kitchen’s Marmas gummies. Sweet yet tart, these sugar-dusted jewel-tone gummies have the perfect consistency. With tasty fruit flavors and 10 mg of THC, Marmas are the perfect culmination of the long and illustrious history of gummy candy. Don’t believe us? Swing by your favorite Bellevue pot shop, check out our extensive menu of delicious marijuana candies, and do your part to hold up the stoner legacy.