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It’s a Nice Day for a Green Wedding

Gone are the days of sneaking off to smoke a jay in the parking lot with a few like-minded fellow wedding guests. In Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, a new breed of wedding planners are catering to your needs! From the ladies at Bridal Bliss, who offer their services in the Portland and Seattle-areas, here’s a few recommendations for planning a cannabis-friendly wedding:

  • Provide a separate bud tent well apart from the rest of the party.
  • Hire a qualified budtender.
  • Make sure to provide transportation for guests who need it.

“We also arranged for water and snacks to be continuously supplied throughout the night from the catering company,” event planners Elizabeth Corr and Nora Shiels said. Corr and Shiels sounded excited about the new opportunity, and described how an Oregon groom had fun choosing the perfect strains and hand-blown glass pipes for party favors.

The trend extends beyond providing pipes and bud to guests–we’ve seen gorgeous bud bridal bouquets, bud corsages for the groom and groomsmen, fan leaf leis, smokeable centerpieces, hemp tuxes and wedding gowns, cannabis-themed manicures, weed wedding cakes, ice sculptures that double as functional bongs, and even ceremonial smoking as part of the vows. The savvy are quick to capitalize: Hip photographers, caterers, florists, DJs, and stylists have started to add “weed friendly” to their qualifications; cannabis wedding blogs are now a thing, and Denver will be hosting its second annual Cannabis Wedding Expo.

Here at Belmar, we love weed-friendly weddings, and we’ve got plenty of fun ideas. How about the ultimate party favor: gift bags with joints, concentrates, or edibles in your theme colors? Or a special stoney playlist for your smoking area? Or custom edibles as gifts for your maid of honor and best man…Whatever you decide, the budtenders at your local Bellevue pot shop are on hand to help you choose the perfect strain for your perfect day.


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