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Is Your Dispensary In Bellevue A Scam Company?

If you’ve just started using marijuana and you’re not sure if the dispensary you patronize is legit, then you need to read this. Although there are many licensed dealers of marijuana in Bellevue, there is still the possibility of running into a scam dispensary in Bellevue. These scammers own stores just like legitimate dealers. However, they use the medical marijuana store as a front to cover their illegal drug dealing activities. If you want legal services, it is important that you double check to confirm that those you are dealing with are legal providers of marijuana. The essence of going to a dispensary in Bellevue is to get your supply of cannabis from a clean and trustworthy source. If they are just like the drug dealers from the hood, then the purpose will be defeated.

How To Identify A Scam Marijuana Dispensary In Bellevue

1) Search The Internet

The internet is home to information about millions of companies around the world. If a dispensary is legit, it should have a good reputation on the internet. In this era of digital marketing, you should expect to see a custom website, social media pages, and customer reviews. There should always be someone out there who has something to say about the products and services in the store. If you search for the store name and you see only good information, close the page and search for it with scam at the end. You can even type a direct question like: “is example.com a scam”? Or fill in something like “example.com scam” major search engines should have useful information about the company. Don’t depend on a single post, go through as many search queries as possible.

2) Look Out For Fake Pictures

So, maybe you didn’t find any negative comments about the company online. That’s a good thing but were the pictures on their website original? It’s not a crime to use pictures from across the web. However, if you see that the picture on the website is the picture of a doctor from another company, you should stay away from them. If a company is legitimate, nothing will prevent them from using the faces of workers on their website. Don’t let the picture of a fake doctor with a lab coat fool you. Always search the pictures on the web to find their true sources.

3) Examine The Testimonials

It’s normal for you to see testimonials on the websites of business owners. Those testimonials can be a mixture of good and bad. The more testimonials you see, the better. If the company only has one to six positive testimonials with no negative ratings or testimonials, you should be concerned.

4) Place A Call

If you’re someone who has had dealings with professionals from different companies, you’ll be able to figure out a scam company by simply placing a call and having a little chat with them. This point is especially important if you’ll be buying your marijuana online. Talking to a representative for a while will help you have a clue on whether the services are legit.

These are four easy ways to separate a scam supplier from a legitimate business owner.


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