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Check Our Crystal Clear Special — and Other Pot Products for a Rainy Day!

Welcome to Western Washington, where it rains and apparently, doesn’t stop. March ended with 7.31 inches of rain — the fourth wettest March on record. Seriously, we haven’t gotten a break. Happy lights have been plugged in, and people are stopping in the middle of sidewalks if the find a sunny spot. It’s getting desperate.

Crystal Clear Special!
                                           1 for $45 (save $15)
                                    2 for $75 (save $45)
                                          3 for $100 (save $80)                                              Try Some Today!

But luckily, recreational marijuana is legal here and BelMar pot shop in Bellevue is open and prepared to help you turn that frown upside down, with an expansive selection of premium marijuana products.

Co2 extracted Cartridges by Crystal Clear — The Crystal Clear cartridges are an amazing option for vaping — that’s why we put them on special! First and foremost, they’re completely solventless, so no harmful hydrocarbons or additives are tainting these pure cannabinoids and terpenes! The flavoring is actually done by infusing the distillate with terpenes, which provides a natural flavor compared to cartridges flavored with poly-glycol, gives off a very artificial taste. The Crystal Clear cartridges also put out a fatter hit than your average vape pen, making it possible for even daily dabbers to get a buzz going! Make sure to try the blueberry, grapefruit, strawberry, and tangerine flavors!

Hot Sugar by Phat Panda — This is the land of marijuana and coffee…two very different elements, but when put together can make a very positive reaction. This THC-infused “sugar” comes in packets and is easily mixed in with your favorite caffeinated drink. I justs said coffee because it’s my favorite, but aside from the plain version of this product, there are other flavors available as well, including citrus and chocolate. Sprinkle it on everything.

Bond Personal Lubricant by Botanica Seattle If you are seeing a special someone and they are also bored on this bleary rainy day, Bond personal lubricant may be your new best friend. Delicately infused with cannabis and created to make your already private fun times EVEN BETTER. Time flies when you’re having fun and hopefully, so will the rain.

So don’t get S.A.D — get glad with your buds in Bellevue! If you smoke pre-rolls or do bong rips, vape, indulge in edibles or need some topical solutions, BelMar is your one-stop shop for rainy day relief.


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