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High Fashion: These Companies Are Making Cannabis Even Cooler

Here at BelMar, we have a pretty stylish clientele. But that should come as no surprise…From the hepcats of the 1920s to the fabulous hippie styles of the ’60s and ’70s, stoners have long been at the fashion vanguard. Luckily for the fashion-conscious yet ethical marijuana enthusiast, a new batch of designers are churning out styles that allow you to flaunt your love of mary jane while simultaneously upholding the age-old stoner motto: Be kind.

For starters you should check out Helpsy , a site that curates ethical fashion from various conscious designers who seem to be aiming for the stoner sensibility. With bright colors and amusing prints , these clothes and accessories will win you karma points and style points. The site runs the gamut from bracelets hand-painted with pot leaves to Ab-Fab sweatshirts made by “Print All Over Me,” a company that’s committed to paying fair wages and providing health care for its workers. Speaking of sweatshirts…Revolution Riche allows you proclaim your love for ganja with this amazing garment, replete with rainbow-sparkle bud and Cosmos-influenced graphics.

If the phrase “vegan-leather hologram backpacks” leaves you cold, Helpsy and Revolution Riche may not be your cup of tea, but don’t despair! Brands like Stella McCartney  and Edun put the “high” in high fashion by embracing hippie values like sustainability and fun costuming.

But $500 sunglasses are not for everyone. If you’re a  stoner sophisticate who prefers to save some greenbacks for green buds,  the ever-affordable H&M now offers the Conscious Exclusive collection, which features comfortable yet stylish garments made out of organic hemp and linen.

Just remember that no stoner sophisticate should be caught without a good stash. Here at your favorite Redmond pot shop, we have a wide array of recreational marijuana products, from dank bud to topicals and vape supplies. We’re pretty sure our latest batch of Gorilla Glue will match all your favorite outfits.


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