Bud & Breakfast: Best Cannabis Vacations on the Eastside

It was a great day when the voters of Washington made the choice to legalize marijuana. People who have dealt with pain are now able to be treated with the beneficial qualities of cannabis, and others have another option other than alcohol for their enjoyment. We at BelMar, Bellevue’s best pot shop, are excited to introduce you to the latest advancement in the life of legal weed….cannabis vacations! That’s right! Every day, more and more people are catering their businesses to consumers of cannabis. What could possibly be better than staying at a hotel and not being worried about that annoying “No Smoking” rule or cowering in a side alley to smoke a joint? To assist you in your vacation planning, we have listed a few of our favorite area cannabis-friendly spots.

1.Rad Pad (Seattle) – Sometimes all you need is an escape from the suburbs to set your mind right. Located just a ½ block from Pike Place Market and bus access to the entire city, you’ll enjoy your own private bedroom. Wake up and smoke a joint, then put on your walking shoes and explore the heart of Seattle. The owner mentions being very willing to assist you with any concerns and also to give you tips on what not to miss while you’re out and about.

2.Tiny House with Mountain View (Monroe) – While it’s against the rules to actually smoke in the tiny house itself, this gorgeous and expansive property is 420-friendly, so anywhere else is fair game. The tiny house sleeps 4 and you’ll be amazed at how creatively this small space is used. There are endless outdoor activity opportunities close by including fishing, hiking and whitewater rafting. For a small fee, you can also use the hot tub on the property.

3.Pie In The Sky(Skykomish) – Kick back, eat an edible and relax in this historic Skykomish home built in 1910 on Maloney Creek. With several rooms to chose from, this B&B near Steven’s Pass is the perfect stop for skiers, snowboarders, hikers, river rafters or anyone who loves the outdoors looking for the perfect getaway.

Everyone needs to get away once in awhile and with the help of Belmar’s impressive selection of flower, edibles, concentrates and more, your vacation will be 10x as fun. Before heading out of town, be sure to stop by, ask our staff any of your cannabis-related questions, and walk out armed with your perfect relaxation regimen.


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