The chances are that you may know someone who has been affected by breast cancer. You might have celebrated someone who has had a successful treatment that is a friend or family member. Maybe you helped that through the coping process. Perhaps you were someone who went through it yourself. 1 and every 8 women [...]


1. Location “Location, location, location" is a saying we have all heard before. It’s essential when looking for your nearest local pot shop. We all can agree the convenience in today's world is what we look for when it comes to doing our retail shopping. Especially when it comes to finding our nearest Pot shop. [...]


When summer rolls around, the swelter of hot temperatures can result in feeling left exhausted, agitated and parched. We reach for our nearest water bottles trying to revive our hydration levels. Although we may throw back a couple of bottles of aqua, it’s always pleasant to reach for a drink that gives you a little more oomph and with its taste. For all you Mary Jane lovers you can opt in to add a little green to your beverage. Why not try an infused-Marijuana drink?

Fun in the Sun: Top Three Beaches in Bellevue

Summer is upon us and it's time to chillax. After slogging through one of the darkest winters in Washington history, you earned it! So swing by your local Bellevue pot shop, pick up a stash of kind buds or a selection of Washington's best TCH edibles, grab your beach towel and sunscreen, and head to the water.

Marmas are the Weed Gummy Washington has Been Waiting For!

Here at Belmar Bellevue, we consider ourselves connoisseurs of gummy candy. Which makes sense. Weed and gummy candy have gone together since...well, presumably since gummy candy was invented. When was that, you ask? Actually that date is hazy--various gummy sweets have existed for centuries, from Turkish Delight to Japanese rice candies. But gummy candy really [...]

The Wait is Over — BelMar is Back Open for Business!

A couple of weeks back, BelMar — your number one solution for pot in Redmond and Kirkland — posted about how we had some bad news. Let's just say we didn't love breaking that news. But hey, we're posting again, and this time, it's all good — because as of Friday, June 30th, BelMar is back [...]

We’ll Give You the Bad News First — BelMar is Closing for Two Weeks

OK, the headline said it all. But the BelMar staff is universally agreed that when someone tells you they have bad news and good news? We always ask for the bad news first. So yup, BelMar is closing for two weeks BelMar will be closed from June 15th- 29th. We re-open June 30th, at 10am! We'd hate [...]

Our Favorite Sugar-Free, Vegan, and Gluten-Free Edibles

Yes! Sugar-free, vegan, and gluten-free edibles exist! So put those unicorn dreams aside. BelMar marijuana store in Bellevue, Washington has the best selection of specialty cannabis edibles in the Seattle, Bellevue, and Redmond area. If keeping a killer selection of marijuana edibles on hand is your thing, you’ve got to try these out. For Your Drinks: [...]

Weed Suggestions — Strains to Speed You Through Your Work Week

Work is stressful, and the work day just seems to get longer and longer. Makes you glad you live in Washington, doesn't it? Here in the Seattle-metro area, we have the magical powers of recreational marijuana to get us through even the most noxious  work week. Put down the Canadian Club, Don Draper. Let's do [...]

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