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What You Should Know Before Starting A Bellevue Weed Store

If you are planning to open a Bellevue weed store, it is very important that you start by getting familiar with Washington laws on weed store. Here is an important summary of the laws, especially the ones that are relevant to Bellevue weed store.

Production must be done in an enclosed area

Before you start a Bellevue weed store, you should understand that it must be produced in a very secure enclosure with rigid roofs and doors. This means that no seed or other raw materials should find its way to the general public.

If you don’t produce, then you should apply the same rule to pick up or delivery. In other words, while picking up the products, you should be sure that it never finds its way to the public. There should be a vehicle dedicated for cannabis stock.

Run a check on your financier

Before you accept funds from investors, you must carry out both criminal and financial checks on them and their spouses. This is very important as it could jeopardize your chances of getting an operational license.

See it this way, if only one out of about financiers has a criminal background, your application will be denied. And the efforts of the other financiers will go in vain.

Don’t employ anyone younger than 21

The rule bars anybody younger than 21 from having access to marijuana let alone supplying it. So, you should never employ anyone younger than 21 to work in your weed tore. It is not uncommon for employees to lie about their age to get a job. So, you must ask for the proof from prospective employees before you employ them.

To understand how serious this is, any retailer that sells cannabis to anyone under 21 would pay a fine of $2,500 and have his licensed suspended for 10 days. The same penalties apply to second time offenders. If it happens the third time, the retailer’s license will be withdrawn completely.

Weed stores should never be inside another store

Your weed store cannot be inside a bigger store because of minors. So, drop the idea of getting a weed store in a big grocery store or café because of foot –traffic. It is against the rule. In fact, your store should be at least 1000 feet away from structures and centers that allows minors.

It should be far away from schools, playgrounds, game arcades, libraries, public parks, and recreational facilities.

License fees

All marijuana producers, processors, and retailers will pay the sum of $250 as a license fee and they will also pay $1,000 annually. In addition, there is a tax of 25 percent of the selling price and this is applicable to production, processing, and retailing.

Proper identification is necessary

It is compulsory for all your employees to wear identity badges when they are on duty. In addition, you must install alarm system and surveillance cameras in strategic locations in and around your weed store.

In conclusion, you should prepare your mind for financing challenges. According to federal laws, pot is illegal so, selling marijuana is a federal crime. This makes it difficult for banks to offer loans for cannabis-related businesses.


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