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Bellevue Marijuana

Why A Bellevue Marijuana Store Is Necessary

If you are among the people wondering why people are clamoring for full legalization of weed all over the United States, you may need to consider the reasons below. The reasons will make you realize that Bellevue marijuana does more good than harm.

Marijuana is not as dangerous as cigarettes

Even though weed may have been projected in the form of a life-destroying monster, this is just an exaggeration. It is not even as dangerous as cigarettes. For instance, it improves lung capacity while tobacco impairs it.

In addition, weed smells better. If cigarettes are legal why can’t pot also be fully legalized? Maybe it is because of some of these benefits that Washington decided to legalize Bellevue marijuana.

It improves mental health

Another reason a Bellevue marijuana is a necessity is the ability of the drug to improve mental health. Do you believe that about 11 past presidents of the United States have either taken or promoted it at some point in their lives? Needless to say, it takes more than an ordinary mind to rule one of the best and most intelligent nations in the world. If American presidents can identify with it, then it is not as bad as people make you believe.

Weed eases stress, reduces anxiety and aids relaxation. This is why most pot users are always happy. They are hardly ever moody or grumpy. It is not out-of-place to say the intake of cannabis enhances inner peace and tranquility.

Pot reduces obesity and diabetes

Takers of weed have less chances of developing either obesity or diabetes than those who do not take it. A couple of researches have shown that pot users have higher levels of HDL and better-regulated insulin levels.

It is effective for treating cramp

Countless times, pot has proved to be effective for cramp, breast tenderness and headaches. So, it is very beneficial to women with painful menstruation. In addition, pot cures chronic pain faster than most drugs without any side effects.

It fights cancerous cells

It has been reported in several medical journals that cannabis kills cancer cells in several ways. It triggers cell suicide and also halts metastasis. In addition, it hinders the proliferation of cancerous cells.

It hinders HIV from becoming full blown AIDS

It is a big concern that more than one million Americans already have HIV and it is even a bigger concern that some of them are not even aware of it. This is why it is heartwarming to hear that THC, one of the active ingredients in Cannabis hinders HIV from turning into AIDS.

It improves sex life

The fact that a lot of journals have identified weed as a great aphrodisiac is enough to prove that it can improve your sex life. In addition, millions of regular pot smokers have testified to this fact on several occasions.

It is a major source of revenue

A few states that have legalized the drug have generated tremendous revenue from it. To underscore this fact, dispensaries in Washington have sold more than $1 billion worth of weeds since 2014 when it was legalized in the state.

In conclusion, there are reasons why a Bellevue marijuana is necessary apart from the ones outlined above. If you compare these benefits to the harm believed to be caused by pot, you will realize that cannabis does much more good than harm.


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