Monthly Archives: July 2017

Fun in the Sun: Top Three Beaches in Bellevue

Summer is upon us and it's time to chillax. After slogging through one of the darkest winters in Washington history, you earned it! So swing by your local Bellevue pot shop, pick up a stash of kind buds or a selection of Washington's best TCH edibles, grab your beach towel and sunscreen, and head to the water.

Marmas are the Weed Gummy Washington has Been Waiting For!

Here at Belmar Bellevue, we consider ourselves connoisseurs of gummy candy. Which makes sense. Weed and gummy candy have gone together since...well, presumably since gummy candy was invented. When was that, you ask? Actually that date is hazy--various gummy sweets have existed for centuries, from Turkish Delight to Japanese rice candies. But gummy candy really [...]

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