Monthly Archives: April 2017

Cannabis Topicals for Post Workout Relaxation

Cannabis topicals are just one of the things that makes the wonderful world of legal weed great.  And hey, they aren't so bad for the rest of the world either! U.S. News & World Report currently ranks the greater Seattle — which includes the locations of your favorite Redmond and Kirkland recreational pot shops — [...]

It’s a Nice Day for a Green Wedding

Gone are the days of sneaking off to smoke a jay in the parking lot with a few like-minded fellow wedding guests. In Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, a new breed of wedding planners are catering to your needs! From the ladies at Bridal Bliss, who offer their services in the Portland and Seattle-areas, here's a few recommendations [...]

Check Our Crystal Clear Special — and Other Pot Products for a Rainy Day!

Welcome to Western Washington, where it rains and apparently, doesn’t stop. March ended with 7.31 inches of rain — the fourth wettest March on record. Seriously, we haven’t gotten a break. Happy lights have been plugged in, and people are stopping in the middle of sidewalks if the find a sunny spot. It’s getting desperate. [...]

It’s Peak Pineapple Season: How to Make a Pineapple Bong

Want to feel like you’ve really accomplished something today? We’re just guessing here, but we’d bet that you’ve always wanted to know how to make a pineapple bong. Face it, it’s a critical skill for your next tropical adventure. And, it’s peak pineapple season -- so go pick out the perfect pineapple and get ready [...]

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