Monthly Archives: October 2016

Pot Power: Top Five Stoned Workouts

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting done with a good workout. Exercising is one of the best investments you can make in yourself, […]

Four Favorite Places to Karaoke Near Bellevue

Unless you really don’t like having a good time, everyone has a triumphant karaoke story. Of course, many of us—including the budtenders at your favorite Bellevue marijuana store—have our fair share of spectacular failures in the old back pocket too. For example? Just don’t, no matter how much you love to jam on it in [...]

Top Three Best Tasting Cannabis Oils

“Dabbing,” or vaporizing cannabis concentrates, is great for many reasons.  Along with the high potency and unmatched convenience, the lack of smoky odor means your clothes or furniture won’t betray your toking. Of course, the staff at BelMar knows that flavor is also a huge part of the experience for busy Bellevue folks, so check out this list [...]

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